The Story of Prophet Noah (by Turgay Evren)

Listen to the audio story of Prophet Noah written by Turgay Evren.


The Story of Prophet Adam (by Turgay Evren)

The story of Prophet Adam written by Turgay Evren.

Ghazali and the Robbers (by Turgay Evren, read by J K Rowley)

“Ghazali and the Robbers” was written by Turgay Evren and read and recorded by J K Rowley, the world-famous Australian writer and story-teller.
I am sure you will love listening to this beautiful story through J K Rowley’s effective voice.

The Best Student

An Islamic story retold by Turgay Evren and read by Vicky Loras.

Mother (by Turgay Evren and Jason R Levine)

A song written by Turgay Evren and arranged and sung by Jason R Levine.

Long Live the Republic (by Turgay Evren)

A song dedicated to Arab Awakening and Spring!

An English Song of 15 July (by Turgay Evren)

“My Beloved Turkey”, the song Turgay Evren has written about 15 July Foiled Coup Attempt has received over 600.000 views in Muzik Play Youtube channel. The song has been also shared by tens of thousands people in many different countries including the USA, Holland, Germany, and some muslim countries. Several news were also published in the media in Turkish, Arabic and English regarding the song.

Many politicians such as Ali Şahin Deputy Minister for EU Affairs, Talip Küçükcan, the Head of the Turkish Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe , Melih Gökçek, the Mayor of Ankara, Aziz Babuşçu, the Deputy of AK Party have tweeted about the song. Some journalists such as Sevilay Yılman, Süleyman Özışık, Turan Kışlakçı, Murat Kelkitlioğlu have also shared the song with a comment in Twitter.

Some Civil Society Organizations such as ECTA, UETD, Müsiad America have also shared the song on their pages.