Dailymotion – Hamza Robertson Sami Yusuf: your beauty Nasheed

Vodpod videos no longer available.




2 Responses

  1. savaşa hayır

  2. In my opinion, most of the groups and individuals claiming pro-Mulsim, pro-Islam are not using their efforts, energies, strategies and wealth to sending basic messages of Islamic faith and teachings through writing, meeting, voice and integrating to Westerners /Christians/Hindus but wove to dominate, jihad, harass (direct or indirect). The best strategy is to train in Islamic dawah, character, knowledge and simultaneously call for dawah one-to-one and one-many methods very humbly, honestly in order to seek God’s will only and solely and also NOT breaking the laws of the host countries. Muslim should call Muslims fellow to shoe best human character as Muslim and strong in character. I am also against some sort of ” Irrelevant Intellectual Exercises” to prove themselves philosophers or sodo-intellectual type. the tends also create confusion among the youngsters. Because non-directional intellectual exercises . The Dawa is only and solely way to salvation in this world and life after life all other paths are vague.

    May Allah guide us to serve Him and show us to ways of calling humanity towards its creater.



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