Prophet Moses 1 (By Turgay Evren)


Prophet Salih (read by Turgay Evren),

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Prophet Salih (a)

The people of Thamud
lived in a valley
called al-Hajr
in the north of Arabia.
It was a good land
so everything grew very easily.
Cattle and sheep grazed
on the land.

had plenty of everything.
When people have a lot
they sometimes forget
who provides everything,
they sometimes forget Allah.
When this happens
Allah sends a messenger
or a prophet
to try to help the people.

To the people of Thamud,
Allah sent Salih.
Salih told the people
to remember Allah
but a lot of people just
at him and would
not listen.

He did not give up.
He still tried to persuade
them to worship Allah
and soon people
began to listen.
They realised Salih was right.
The leaders of Thamud
were upset by this.

They did not want people
to listen to Salih.
They did not believe Salih
was sent by Allah.
They wanted him to prove it,
they wanted a sign.
They told Salih
to bring them a camel
but it had
to be a
special camel.

Salih prayed to Allah
and Allah sent
the special camel.
The camel gave lots and
lots of milk so all the poor
people had enough to drink,
and they were very happy.

The leaders of Thamud
angry again to see Salih
and his followers so happy.
They decided
to kill the camel.
Salih told them that Allah
would punish them.

Salih took all the good people
away from the valley.
A terrible earthquake came
and destroyed the valley
and all the bad people.
If they had listened to Salih
they would have been saved.


Prophet Lut

 Prophet Lut(Alaih Assalaam) and his family lived among very evil and disobedient people. These people did many things which Allah had forbidden. So Allah commanded Lut (Alaih Assalaam)to tell them: You must stop doing evil and believe in Allah. Allah has sent me to warn you of a terrible punishment that is going to befall you if you do not obey Him.

But people refused to listen to Lut(Alaih Assalaam). They even laughed at him because he would not join them in doing evil deeds.

One day, some visitors came to Lut(Alaih Assalaam). The evil people wanted to capture his visitors and harm them. Lut (Alaih Assalaam) was very afraid that he would not be able to protect his guests. But to Lut(Alaih Assalaam)’s surprise and relief, the visitors said: You need not be frightened. Those evil-doers cannot harm us. For we are messengers of Allah. We have come from Allah to tell you to take your family and leave this town at night. None of you should try to turn and look back or stay behind. Only those who go without looking back will be saved.

Lut (Alaih Assalaam) knew at once that the visitors were indeed Allah’s angels. They had come so that Lut (Alaih Assalaam) and his family could escape and be safe, for Allah was going to punish the evil-doers of that town. Lut (Alaih Assalaam) and his family, however, had believed in Allah and prayed to Him. Therefore they were to be saved.

At once, Lut(Alaih Assalaam) and his family got ready and left their house at night when it was dark, so that the evil people would not see them. But then, just as they were leaving, Lut(Alaih Assalaam)’s wife turned back and stayed behind. She refused to believe in Allah and was also disobedient. So she was not saved from punishment and death when Allah sent down a rain of fire and stones. All the houses in the town were destroyed and the disobedient people perished in the rain of fire and stones.

Only Lut (Alaih Assalaam)and the rest of his family were rescued, and they praised and thanked Allah for having saved them.


Prophet Ibrahim






 Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) was a great prophet. When he was young, he lived among people who refused to worship Allah. Instead they prayed to other things, among them idols which they had made themselves. Once Ibrahim said to his father, “Do you take these idols for gods? If you do, then you and your people are wrong.”

Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) knew it was not right to worship idols, for it was against the will of Allah. Allah had also taught Ibrahim many other things. One evening, for instance, Ibrahim saw a bright star in the sky and he said, “That is my God!” But as the star faded away it became clear to Ibrahim that the star was not God.

On another occasion, Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) saw the moon shining brightly in the night sky, and he again said. “That is my God!” But as the moon disappeared, Ibrahim realized that the moon was not God.

Finally, he saw the bright sun rising at dawn and he said, “That must be my God because it is the biggest thing in the sky. “But when sunset came, Ibrahim realized, once more, that this was not God. Only Allah was God. Ibrahim then said, “O my people, I am free from your guilt of worshipping other gods apart from Allah. I firmly and truly turn my face to Him Who created the heavens and the earth, and I shall never worship any god but Allah.” Who is the creator of all these things. For Allah had created the stars, the sun and the moon. Allah is the Master of the worlds.

Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) went among the people and told them they must worship Allah only. For it is Allah Who created the stars, the sun, and the moon. Allah also created the plants, and animals for food. The sun, moon and stars cannot give anything to eat. Allah has made the earth so that people can live on it. Therefore people should turn away from their false gods and worship Allah alone, and always do good.

Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) spoke of all these things and also said to his father and his people: “What are these images to which you are so devoted? “Our fathers worshipped them,,” they replied. “You and your fathers, you have clearly been wrong,” Ibrahim rejoined. Then he informed them that they should worship only Allah, who has created everything.

Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) also had a plan for dealing with the idols. When the people were out of the way, Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) broke all their idols and images to pieces. But he left intact and unbroken the biggest idol of all. When the people discovered their idols all smashed and in pieces, they were very angry. “Who has done this to our gods?” they cried. Then some of them remembered that they had heard Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) speaking against their idols. So, they brought Ibrahim and asked him, “Are you the one who did this to our gods, O Ibrahim?(Alaih Assalaam)” He replied, “No, it was the biggest one of them who did it. Why do you not ask them, if they can speak properly?”

At this, the idol-worshippers felt ashamed. “You know very well that they cannot speak,” they told Ibrahim. “Do you then worship things that can neither be of any good to you nor do you any harm?” Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) asked.

At this, the people became angrier than ever. In revenge, they threw Ibrahim into a fire. Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) might have been badly burned, perhaps killed. But he had Allah’s help. Allah made the fire cool so that Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) was not burned at all.

Later, Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) left these idolatrous people and went to another country. when he was an old man, he had two sons, Ismail(Alaih Assalaam) and Ishaq(Alaih Assalaam). Both of them were good and just men, and both were prophets of Allah. Ishaq(Alaih Assalaam)’s son Yaqub(Alaih Assalaam), was also a prophet. So you can see that Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) and his children were greatly blessed by Allah.

But first, Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) had to endure a great test. An angel came to him and said: You have to sacrifice your only son. Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) became very sad at this, but all the same, he know that Allah had given him an order and he had to obey it. But first of all, he asked his son if he would agree. The son was good and pious, and he consoled his father: Dear father, he said calmly, if Allah has ordered it, then you must obey, so sacrifice me. Do not fear: with the help of Allah, I shall be brave.

So, full of sorrow, Ibrahim (Alaih Assalaam)prepared to kill his son. But before he actually did so, he heard a voce: You have shown your good intentions, the voice told Ibrahim, this is sufficient. You have already fulfilled Allah’s will.

Thus Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam)’s son was saved, and Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) understood that Allah had been testing him. Of course, Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) was overcome with joy that he would not have to kill his son. They both thanked Allah and sacrificed instead an animal, as Allah had ordered.

To remember this occasion we Muslims celebrate every year and like Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) and his son, we sacrifice an animal. This reminds us that Allah put Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) to a test to see whether he would really obey him. Prophet Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) passed the test and we celebrate in remembrance of this. Like Prophet Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam), we also share the meat of the sacrificed animal with the poor people and our friends. On this occasion, we also thank Allah for everything that He has given us and for the lesson He taught us through the rescue of Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam)’s son.

Later, Ibrahim(Alaih Assalaam) and his son Ismail(Alaih Assalaam) built the Ka’ba in Makkah and then they both prayed: O Allah, take this house in Your grace and help us and the people who come to us to be truly good Muslims.

Allah heard this prayer, and blessed the Ka’ba and the town of Makkah. To this day, Muslims all over the world turn and face in the direction of the Ka’ba in Makkah when they are praying. Muslims from all over the world come to the Ka’ba during the pilgrimage season. They come on foot, on camels, by car and aeroplanes. The Ka’ba is the oldest prayer house of Allah on earth. It is at the Ka’ba that all Muslims worship Allah together, and that includes all those who lived earlier, all those who are living now and all those who will live in the future.




Prophet Salih






The people of Thamud where the Salih(Alaih Assalaam) lived had beautiful gardens. Here there were springs, date palms and trees which had plenty of fruit. The houses of Thamud were carved into rocks and mountains.

Worship only Allah, Salih(Alaih Assalaam) told his people. You have no other god apart from Allah, so you should do good. I am giving you good advice: You should believe what I say, for Allah has made me His Prophet.

But only those people of Thamud who were not rich and not strong believed, and did as Prophet Salih (Alaih Assalaam) had said. The rich and powerful people of Thamud said to Salih(Alaih Assalaam): We don’t believe what you say and we are not going to do as you advise. You are nothing but a man, just like any of us. If you are speaking the truth, then show us a sign.

Salih(Alaih Assalaam) brought a camel and said: This camel will be a sign for you from Allah. Let her graze on Allah’s meadow and let her drink when she is thirsty. Think of how good Allah has been to you and all that He has give to you. You should not do evil and cause trouble on this earth. If you do, a harsh punishment will fall upon you.

Despite Salih (Alaih Assalaam)’s instructions and teaching, the proud and powerful people of Thamud still refused to listen to him. Instead of leaving the camel in peace to graze in the meadow, they did a very cruel thing: They cut the tendons on her legs. Thus they openly broke Allah’s command.

Afterwards, they called Salih(Alaih Assalaam) and said: Now bring us the punishment of which you have been warning us, or we shall not believe that you are the Prophet of Allah.

Salih (Alaih Assalaam)’s promise of disaster came true. After three days, there was a terrible earthquake and all the evil-doers perished. Such was their punishment because they did not obey Allah.


Prophet Hud

 Many years ago, there lived a very industrious, hardworking people. They were the people of Ad, and they built large and beautiful houses. On every mountain, they had erected a tower and they were very proud of their beautiful buildings.

Among the people of Ad lived a man called Hud

(Alaih Assalaam), and Hud(Alaih Assalaam) had been chosen by Allah as His prophet. Allah has sent me to you, Hud (Alaih Assalaam) said to his people. Allah has taught you all that you are able to do. He has also given you children and many animals. Therefore you should stop worshipping your false gods. Worship only Allah(swt) and obey His commands. Do good and do not commit wrongs and evil. Listen to what I say, for if you do not, I fear that a punishment will come upon you.

But the people of Ad scorned Hud

(Alaih Assalaam): We are not going to listen to you, they scoffed. We are not going to let our gods down, just because you tell us to. Who are you, anyway? You are nothing but a liar. If you are not a liar, then prove it: tell Allah to send us the punishment.


(Alaih Assalaam) was very sad and disappointed when he heard this. I am not a liar, I am the Prophet of Allah, he said, “Do you think the houses you have built will last for ever? Remember that it is Allah Who has given you your fortunes. He is my Lord and your Lord and only in Him do I trust. I have already warned you before: If you don’t obey Allah, He will choose some other people to take your place. Allah knows and hears everything. But despite Hud(Alaih Assalaam)’s warnings, the people of Ad went on worshipping their false gods. Hud was very disappointed. He called his true companions together and with them, he left the people of Ad. In this way, as you shall soon see, Allah protected and preserved those who believed in Him.

Shortly afterwards, a huge black cloud appeared in the sky over the people of Ad. When the unbelievers of Ad saw it, they said: This cloud is surely going to bring us some refreshing rain.

But they were very much mistaken. The cloud brought a terrible wind which killed them all. The wind swept everything away. Nothing was left except a few large stones, which were the remains of the houses and towers. Therefore, it is of no use to build and make many things. If one does not obey Allah, the punishment is sure to come, and all one has built will become ruins.


Prophet Nuh

Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) was a prophet who lived many years after Adam(Alaih Assalaam). The people with whom Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) lived refused to listen to him. When he said that they should worship only Allah (swt) and do good, they paid no attention. Nuh (Alaih Assalaam) told them they would be severely punished for ignoring him and the message he brought from Allah. Even so, the people did not believe what Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) told them. They laughed at him and said, “You are only a man like us. Only poor, weak people believe you. If you are telling truth, then show us the punishment you threaten. You are nothing but a liar!”

“I do not want anything from you,” Nuh (Alaih Assalaam) answered, “and I shall never send away the poor or the weak. As far as the punishment is concerned, Allah will bring it upon you whenever he pleases. Don’t imagine you can stop Allah’s plans!”

Nuh (Alaih Assalaam) was both sad and angry that people would not heed his message. But Allah informed Nuh (Alaih Assalaam) that he should not feel this way. There was much more important work to do. Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) must build a big ship.

In obedience to Allah’s instructions, Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) began to build the ship on land. The people who saw it when they were passing made fun of him and his ship. But Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) had a warning for them. “You are making fun of us now,” he said, “but soon we will know who has to suffer the severe punishment!”

When the ship was completed, it started to rain without ceasing and the waters on earth began to rise. Allah(swt) told Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) to go into the ship, together with his family and all his friends who believed. Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) should also take one male and female from each kind of animal on earth.

Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) did as he was told and then he said, “In the name of Allah, we shall now sail away, and when the time is right, we shall return again to the land.”

The waters rose higher and higher until all the valleys were flooded. Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) saw one of his sons who had not yet boarded the ship and anxiously called out to him, “O my son, climb on board with us so that you will not belong to the unbelievers.” But his son refused. Instead, he told Nuh: “I shall go up to the high mountain. The water cannot reach me there.”

Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) became even more anxious. “Only those who listen to Allah can find protection!” he cried out to his son. But just then a huge wave came and many people were drowned. Nuh(Alaih Assalaam)’s son was among them.

It continued to rain for a long, long time. The water rose so high that it covered all the mountains. But at last the rain stopped falling and the floods went down. Now, Nuh(Alaih Assalaam)’s ship landed safely at the side of a mountain and all the people and animals who had been on the ship came out. Nuh(Alaih Assalaam) and his family and his friends thanked Allah with all their hearts, because they had been saved by Him.