I am a muslim brother from Turkey. I am graduate from English Language Teaching and I have a master’s degree in English Language and Literature with a focus on Postcolonial literature. I currently work in a private university in Istanbul as a lecturer teaching English and literature. In addition to teaching, I am a published story writer who authored, retold or edited over 45 story books. I have written lots of poems for both adults and children in English as well as Turkish, which is my native language. I am interested in Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy as well as Islamic Sciences. My greatest aim is to mobilize all my talents to serve the cause of Islam and faith as I believe that muslims can attain prosperity only through unifying piety with enlightenment.

On this blog I will publish my academic papers, articles, essays and poems concerning Islam and try to remove the purposeful misrepresentations and sutle distortions regarding Islam. However, the content of the blog won’t be confined to my works since I will also employ numerous Islamic videos, audios, flashes, cartoons, documentaries, and essays penned by some other writers so as to create a more colourful, beneficial blog attracting more visitors. As a sincere adherent of Islam, I am looking forward to receiving your offers, criticisms and comments about the posts on my blog.


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  1. Salam,
    You have a great blog here, Masha Allah. What I loved most is the story of the Muslim converts, and I liked the story of Sis Shariffa Carlo from USA. Well, Allah is the best of Planners. Thank you for sharing all those incidents with us.
    And thanks for the comment you put on my blog, or I would not have found this blog.

  2. .::Ahl-e-Dil::.
    This blog is dedicated to the proliferation of the teachings of the Thanwi silsilah through what we have acquired from our beloved Shaikh, Hadrat Sufi Shah Feroz Abdullah Memon Sahab (DB) Khalifa Majaaz-e-Bayt Rumi-e-Saani Arifbillah Hadrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab (DB).

    So Visit us at:-

  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. hi

  5. Subhan Allah! It’s been a year since we started our blogs I guess, but I hadn’t been to this page before. Nice to know you have a Master’s in English. And I’ve just visited your other blog. Good job!

    I’m planning to do my TEFL course some day, so I guess I can get some help from you if you don’t mind.

    Wish you and your family Ramadan Mubarak!

  6. Inshallah can you visit my Islamic blog. http://islamandmuslims.wordpress.com
    Can you comment and give advice on how to make it better and how to get more views. Thank you.

    Jazallah khair

  7. Salaam

    Is it possble to do a link exchange?

    Pls let me know


  8. Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu & Shukran for a fantastic resource!!
    For a couple of years now I’ve been sending Jumuah emails, reflecting on verses of the Glorious Quran, hadith, duas & recently I started scrapping Hadith & including that in my Jumuah email. You can see a few of the recently scrapped hadith on my blog http://ZabraScrap.blogspot.com
    To the right of last nights post is a sign up to my Inspirez Yahoo Group. Once you join, you can select to get my Jumuah messages straight to your mailbox or view it online. Tomorrow I will be sending the first email from the Inspirez Group.
    There is also a link section in the yahoo group. I thought you might want to include a link to your site there too . . . I’m sure the Inspirez Group members would benefit from that too.

    Shukran again for sharing these resources with us!!

  9. Fabulous resources. Thank you very much! May Allah reward you for your efforts and shower His blessings upon you and your loved ones.

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